Young Living: What you need to know.

You may have heard friends talk about using essential oils and how this practice helped them and their family. But you may also have joined a lot of companies that require you to have a minimum purchase just to continue being a member. Like you, I have been burned. It was very easy to sign up and put your first order through, but somehow too difficult to get out of the subscription process.

You may have other issues that you want to clarify first before making that final decision. I don’t blame you. I would like to know more of the process myself, before joining anything. Let us talk about the Frequently Asked Questions regarding Young Living: the business potential, the obligations, whether you will become a user or a business person.

Do I need to sell Young Living products? How much do I have to spend each month?

This is the most common question. “Do I need to sell to my friends?” The answer here is NO!

You can join Young Living as a user and enjoy wholesale pricing on all their 100% plant-based products. With their “Seed to Seal” guarantee, you can be sure that you are getting the purest products without any chemicals added.

However when you join Young Living, you are already considered a Distributor. This means that you can always turn this into a business anytime when you are ready.

I assure you though that after using and knowing their products, and experiencing how their products helped you, you will want to share this to friends and family. It’s just like sharing a FB page of your favorite posts, or a good recipe you have tried and mastered.

Once you have shared your favorite products, you may have friends asking you how to get them. Selling Young Living products can be as easy as ordering the products for them and charge them the retail value, or guiding them to create their account and let them order for themselves in order to take advantage of the wholesale pricing.

Young Living is available in many countries and family members from across the globe can have access to their local branch and have the products delivered to them.

When you have sales through your friends’ accounts, we suggest spending 100PV so you will not miss out on commissions. By doing this, your commission will partly pay for the 100% plant-based products you enjoy.

What if I can’t afford 100PV every month?

How much is 100PV in Young Living? It is basically US$100.00. Since Young Living is available across the globe and in each country’s currency, each product has a point value to make it easier for everyone to understand their costing and compensation plan.

When doing this as a business, you will be compensated for your friends’ orders when you yourself have a 100PV order. You don’t have to reach 100PV if that is not in the budget. But what you can do is switch from your old brand that is loaded with harmful chemicals to a 100% plant-based products on a monthly basis. By doing this, you spend US$100 on products that you need anyways, and which will be partly paid by commissions you will be earning.

There will be another post regarding Young Living’s generous Compensation Plan and Essential Rewards Program here.

I have never used oils before. Do I have to host in-home parties?

Our oily team can help you get to know your oils, their benefits and their uses. We share a lot of DIY projects you can do at home to best utilize the different products offered by Young Living.

Before I joined Young Living, the only use I know for the oils is to diffuse them. Now, I am reaping the benefits of what I learned from all the resources available. My favorite is using DiGize essential oil diluted with a carrier oil to help ease stomach discomfort. I have used this blend for my children and it has been proven effective by my 12 year old, 16 year old and 18 year old sons.

There are different carrier oils, and I will be talking about them in another post.

Panaway is another favorite of mine. I dilute it with coconut oil and use the blend to massage the pain away. It leaves me with a minty fresh feel that I love.

Hosting in-home parties is just one way of sharing how the essentials oils can be used, and how it helped you and your family. This is not the only way to share the business. There are different ways to do that.

I bring my Young Living’s Thieves cleanser with me, and I just casually tell my friends that I am using a 100% plant-based product without the harmful ingredients and foul smell. I spray it in front of them, and let them smell the fresh cinnamon scent. They will usually ask me how to buy the products and I just send them the link to Young Living’s website with my ID#. It’s as easy as that. We can show you how to send the link with your referral ID# embedded in it.

I am ready to join. How do I start?

You can start as either a user or a business owner. You may not want to go into business with essential oils right now, but the opportunity will always be there!

Go to Young Living‘s website to register. If you use my link, you will receive a welcome email from me with an e-book on how to best utilize the products in your starter kit.

There are different starter kits you can choose from. In the US, starter kits are from US$35 to US$165 in order to join. There is no minimum purchase required to join in Canada. However, getting the starter kit at CAD$199.75 gives you 11 essential oils, a diffuser and other additional products as sampler so you can kick-start your essential oils journey. On top of that, their starter kits give you another $100 in value savings on top of the wholesale pricing.

Once you have joined our team, you will be invited to be a part of our oily community to gain access to multiple resources in order to fully reap the benefits of essential oils and all the products offered by Young Living.

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